Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 for the automotive industry brings intelligent production systems, connected solutions, and data-driven manufacturing. At its core, it is smart automation that connects front line associates and all shop floor systems for lean manufacturing, problem solving and interoperability.

It is a powerful interconnection of humans, devices and sensors with machine learning and Big Data analytics – all resulting in a more competitive edge in the market and increased revenues and profits.

Industry 4.0 innovations spearheaded by the automotive industry will also resonate with aerospace and industrial manufacturing, facing the same challenges to do more with less.

Andonix brings Industry 4.0 connectivity to the front line worker with the SmartWorkStation. The SmartWorkStation turns your front line workers into knowledge workers.

The SmartWorkStation improves the safety, productivity, and efficiency of the manufacturing process by putting Andon Cord functionality in the hands of front line associates. Built on the lean manufacturing pillars of continuous improvement, visibility and standardization, the SmartWorkStation improves workforce training, process deployment and supervision. Andonix leverages cloud and low-cost smart devices to deliver enhanced operational performance with an intuitive, scalable, and fast-to-implement platform. Powerful data analytics transform into insights on people and process performance.

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