Andonix connects front line automotive workers with a solid, robust and scalable digital work instruction and communications platform. The SmartWorkStation improves the safety, productivity, and efficiency of the manufacturing process by putting Andon Cord functionality in the hands of front line workers. Built on the lean manufacturing pillars of continuous improvement, visibility and standardization, the SmartWorkStation improves workforce training, process deployment and supervision. Andonix leverages cloud and low-cost smart devices to deliver enhanced operational performance with an intuitive, scalable, and fast-to-implement platform. Powerful data analytics transform into insights on people and process performance.

Mission Statement

Andonix is dedicated to connecting people, process and place through a groundbreaking smart digital work instruction platform.

Andonix Value Proposition

We bring Andon Cord processes and value to customers in the automotive manufacturing sector who seek better ways to train and supervise workers. We know that front line associates are the key to create, protect and deliver value – we provide the tools to support their jobs and turn them into knowledge workers.

The Andonix SmartWorkStation is a smart digital platform that enhances on-the-job training, communication and supervision by connecting front line workers with relevant information where and when it matters the most. The result is a highly aware front line associate that obtains valuable feedback in real time to improve safety, productivity, efficiency, reliability, cost and customer service.

It is a digital Andon Cord solution.

Unlike competitor solutions and paper systems or legacy IT/ERP solutions, we offer extraordinary value by effectively enhancing operational performance with the SmartWorkStation. It is an extremely intuitive, scalable, fast-to-implement and low-cost platform operating across mobile devices with full integration to existing back-end solutions. Furthermore, its powerful reporting tool provides valuable insights on people, process and place.

It is the future of the connected front line worker.


Our Vision

At Andonix, our vision is to empower and connect front line automotive manufacturing workers where continuous process change and knowledge is most needed to create, protect and deliver higher performance. We see a problem with supervisor effectiveness, inadequate processes and front line employee training which creates inefficiencies and productivity loss resulting in higher costs and lower quality. Our solution is the SmartWorkStation, a technology platform that offers smart digital work instruction solutions to enhance process, training and supervision of workers. Andonix’s SWS dramatically reduces inefficiencies and productivity loss by leveraging the convergence of cloud, smart devices, and machine learning.

Origin of our name: Andonix

High tech start-ups need names that clearly define their purpose, their outlook, and their focus. We selected Andonix to bring the Andon Cord to mind in all that we do. Andon comes from a Japanese word for a traditional paper lantern. In a manufacturing setting, an Andon Cord was a system of signal lights used to notify workers and team leaders when a workstation encountered a problem.

Pulling the Andon Cord lit up the lights to notify co-workers and managers of a problem and stopped the assembly line.

It would be very simple to identify the Andon Cord as merely a physical system used to stop a manufacturing assembly line when a defect is encountered or a problem is identified. It is vastly more than that. It is a philosophy of what happens when the cord is pulled. Immediately a team leader would arrive at the workstation to see the issue at hand and would thank the team member for pulling the cord. There was no retribution for stopping the line. As a quality tool, the Andon Cord process dealt with the issues at the source before they could grow larger and more costly.

Andonix, like the Andon Cord, connects people, manufacturing processes and place through a smart digital work instruction platform. We empower and connect front line workers with automated instructions, training, and communications, replacing inefficient paper-based systems. We create a culture of excellence on the shop floor, with engaged and motivated front line knowledge workers.

The SmartWorkStation is the future of the connected front line worker in any industry.

Team Members

David Salazar Yanez

CEO and Founder, Business Operations & Strategy

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Jason Prater

Chief Technology Officer

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Jose Antonio Nava Sainz

Vice President of Sales

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Karen Vorenkamp


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Peggy Fenwick

Marketing & Communications

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Ruben Schaffer

Product Development Manager

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Tezca Hernandez

Lead Product Development

Rolando Luna

Customer Success Lead

Rosendo Salazar

Product Engineer

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Cristopher Mendoza

Product Engineer

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Oscar Gonzalez

Customer Success Engineer

Carolaine Mendez

Customer Success Engineer

Advisory Board

Oliver Theiss

Business Development Advisor

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Mohamed Azab

Finance and Fundraising Advisor

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Genet Jeanjean MA MEd

Learning/Talent Acquisition Advisor

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Mark Symonds

Senior Technology Advisor (ERP/Cloud)

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Rubens Perdomo

Technology and Delivery Advisor

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