Fast track operational productivity, boost output, quality and delivery

Empower teams to quickly detect and contain operational disruptions before they snowball out of control. Eliminate paper based systems in manufacturing and gain real time operational intelligence directly from the shopfloor.

Smart Work Station delivers immediate results:


The Building Blocks


A mobile and web based solution, Smart Work Station is easy to onboard, fast to deploy, no effort to learn and adaptable to any size team, plant or organization. Achieve your metrics in just days.

Digital Andon Cord

Identify, react and contain disruptions eliminating downtime, scrap and problems to produce more, a lot more.

In app Chat and Communication

Simplify communication and coordination with social media like ease of use

Digital Operating Procedures

Get rid of paper – digitize and standardize your company know how embedded with multimedia visual support.

Digital Checklists and Workflows

Simplify and automate data acquisition for audits, inspections and any other use cases that require real time verification.

Operator Training and Guidance

Guide your frontline with how to, step by step videos, pictures, drawings fast tracking onboarding, training and knowledge transfer

Easy and Fast content creation

Create any digital checklists, operating procedures and how to instructions faster and easier than in Microsoft Office. Take the workload out of document control.

Tools and Machine connectivity

Connect your tools and machines to the cloud and automate downtime and process analysis to boost output.

BI Connectors and ERP integration

API ready connectivity allows your tech stack to exchange data seamlessly with Smart Work Station


Using the Building Blocks


Produce more with the resources you have, execute better, reduce scrap, onboard and train faster, boost your bottom line and get back time to focus on what matters most to you.

Minimize Disruptions & Solve Problems Fast

Detect, react and contain problems at the source before they snowball out of control. Produce more, a lot more.

Boost Operations & Execution

Communicate, coordinate and follow up effortlessly. Get things done faster and better with a digitally enabled workforce.

Fast track Frontline Training & Retention

Onboard, train and transfer knowledge twice as fast for your workforce. Increase engagement and improve retention.

Use Cases

Achieve a 10x ROI by implementing any or all of the following use cases in just days. Boost production, reduce defects and minimize disruptions.

Process Audits

Simplify auditing, evidence gathering, gemba walks and adherence to best practices.

Product Inspection & Process Verification

From incoming inspection to finished goods and anything in between – gain full and instant traceability

Shift start protocols

Minimize all your machine start up, change over and tool changes. Provide essential guidance for technicians. Verify adherence to protocols for machines and equipment.

Don’t make the same mistake twice

Have all the data that you need on demand to determine what went wrong and prevent a repeat. Gain insights and traceability where you did not have it before.

Identify all sources of disruption & problems

Empower your frontline and your machines with a digital hotline to raise an alert when a disruption occurs. Fix the problem and prevent the snowball effect.

Standard Work and System Compliance

Get rid of paper and leverage connected devices to access standard operating procedures on demand

Automatic skills asessment & job pairing

Automated digital dashboards that tell you who has been trained in what, when and how good they are. Fast track the newbies and augment your best performers

Automate OEE Calculation

Automatic anomaly identification for all your machines. Discover disruptions that reduce you output, impact quality and impact deliveries.

Inspired By What is Possible?

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