We’re Andonix

We build solutions that serve the needs of frontline workers by connecting them to their management, work, training, and to each other.

Our Story

Andonix began as a dream to fix the paper-based processes that has plagued industrial production for decades, a plague we encountered first hand (before Elon Musk tweeted about it at Tesla, we might add).  Our team saw the changes that technology and Industry 4.0 brought to modern business and production, but recognized that, too often, these solutions were applied to systems, or machinery, and not to the workers themselves.  By enabling, and empowering, frontline workers with tried-and-true mobile technology, paper-based processes can be eliminated, and the entire organization can recognize substantial improvements across KPIs.

The Andonix platform of solutions we’ve built relies on over 100 years of experience working as engineers on the frontlines of industrial production, offering Industry 4.0 solutions that drive industrial performance by digitizing the paper-based operating procedures ingrained in how many companies still work today. We help managers and employees communicate more effectively through information exchange, reporting, employee training, and health and safety protocols, making it all actionable in real-time. Our solutions are deployed quickly and work simply with compatible technologies. Our clients see at least a 10x ROI, no matter if they’re small-scale producers or a Fortune 500 firm, and both employees and management love using our platform, an AWS partner.