Andon Cord

What is an Andon Cord?

Andon Cord LightsIn a manufacturing setting, an Andon Cord is a system of signal lights activated by front line workers to notify other workers and team leaders of a problem or anomaly. Pulling the Andon Cord stops the assembly line. It is a powerful way to improve quality and root out exceptions — it is problem solving at its very best. That’s why companies as diverse as Toyota, Amazon and Netflix have implemented Andon Cord processes to deliver the high level of customer service they are famous for.

Industry 4.0 Ready

Get your facility Industry 4.0-ready by implementing the SmartWorkStation from Andonix and realize the next evolutionary wave in lean manufacturing.

SmartWorkStation is an Andon Cord Solution

Andonix, like the Andon Cord, connects people, manufacturing processes and place through a smart digital work instruction platform, the SmartWorkStation. We empower and connect front line workers with automated instructions, training, and communications, replacing inefficient paper-based systems. We create a culture of excellence on the shop floor, with engaged and motivated front line knowledge workers.

With SWS® your mobile front line workers can perform a variety of functions promoting standardized best practices, managing exceptions and problems with extreme visibility, communication and coordination and solving problems like pros by tapping into the collective wisdom of expert workers, supervisors and managers.

The SWS delivers continuous improvements to all functional areas, including:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Facilities management
  • Process manufacturing
  • Environmental controls
  • Maintenance
  • Production

As an Andon Cord solution, SmartWorkStation delivers standardization, visibility and continuous improvement.


Even the best Standard Operating Procedures can have exceptions and problems. Frequently documentation becomes outdated and teams race to create new work instructions or checklists. The SmartWorkStation gives you the power to manage immediate corrective actions and maintain control.



Every problem, every exception is an opportunity on the front line. But when they occur, your front line associates need a way to immediately capture and understand the situation, communicate their findings to get help and solicit advice to make a decision. With the visibility SmartWorkStation provides with instant updates and step-by-step instructions, those decisions can create value rather than destroy it.

Continuous Improvement

Problem solving needs accurate and timely data. When your data is trapped on paper in binders and your front line associates lack a way to share their wisdom and experience, quality suffers. It is impossible to share, collaborate and create new value. SmartWorkStation turns your front line workers into knowledge workers, giving them the power.

"We've built the first digital andon cord for the manufacturing industry."

David Salazar Yanez, CEO and Founder, Andonix

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