The AI-Driven Connected Worker Platform for the modern frontline

Andonix leverages AI and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to connect factory workers to solve problems, innovate and boost factory productivity

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With Andonix, supercharge your frontline teams.– elevate skills, equalize potential, and enable unparalleled productivity. Prepare to outcompete with Andonix: Where performance meets sustainability.


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AI-Powered Manufacturing Copilot

Empowering Factory teams: Unmatched efficiency with Andi’s automatic Monitoring, Advanced problem detection, swift escalation, and Teams Expert Support for ultimate productivity.

Andonix devices

Expert copilot with over 1000 manufacturing skills

Introducing Andi, your expert AI co-pilot, boasting an impressive repertoire of over 1000 manufacturing skills. Designed to assist across a wide range of manufacturing scenarios, Andi brings unparalleled expertise to your operation floor. This vast skill set enables Andi to offer insightful, precise guidance and support, enhancing productivity and decision-making.

Monitoring, Alarms and Escalation for Machines and Processes

Integrating effortlessly with ERPs, MES, BI, SCADA, PLC’s and thousands of sensors, Andi streamlines alert management, focusing on critical operational risks like downtime, late shipments and quality issues. It transforms complex data into clear, actionable insights, directing your teams to where they’re needed most. Embrace a smarter manufacturing era where Andi drives productivity, reduces waste, and ensures seamless operations.

Train Andi with company specific manuals and procedures

By training Andi with your own manuals and procedures, it becomes an invaluable tool in your operational arsenal, reflecting your unique business processes and standards.

Transforming Tribal Knowledge into Shared Wisdom with Andi

Learn from the Best, Elevate Everyone. Andi harnesses the power of AI to seamlessly capture and transfer invaluable tribal knowledge from your most experienced workers to your entire team, ensuring skill enhancement at scale. Experience the transformative impact of a personalized AI co-pilot in your daily operations with Andi

Workflow Automation

Transform your manufacturing processes with Andi, designed to automate and streamline workflows effortlessly. Andi excels in creating efficient, automated workflows like inspection checklist, work instructions, SOP’s and more, significantly reducing manual effort and enhancing operational productivity, never use paper forms again.

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Link frontline workers to management, work, training and each other through instantaneous mobile technology


Put power in the hands of workers to report problems and seek help through a digital Andon Cord, and improve their skillset through learning modules


Generate reports and analyses effortlessly to give you new insights on performance and to identify areas of improvement


Create any checklist and standard operating procedure enhanced with multimedia and eliminate all paper used by your frontline workforce


Teach your workforce skills, tools, and procedures through modern mobile technology, reaching them on the go through their device


Ensure the safety of your organization and employees with instant communication capability and seamless engagement and coordination

Trusted by industry leaders big and small to transform their frontlines


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