Connected Worker Solutions for the frontline workforce

Andonix connects your team to their management, work, training, and to each other through user-friendly mobile technology.

The Andonix Impact


Simplify compliance, time and effort around safety and mass communication


Reduce costs by preventing downtime, scrap, mistakes, turnover and time fixing problems

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Grow your company by increasing output, onboarding workers faster and boosting your bottom line

Smart Work Station

Drive industrial performance by creating and managing standard operating procedures, and delivering measurable performance improvements across KPIs.

Safely Pass

Create instant engagement with your workforce while ensuring a safe work environment for your organization. Forms, permits, verification, access and monitoring in one simple application.

Andonix devices

We deliver tangible value to grow your bottom line in days



Link frontline workers to management, work, training and each other through instantaneous mobile technology


Put power in the hands of workers to report problems and seek help through a digital Andon Cord, and improve their skillset through learning modules


Generate reports and analyses effortlessly to give you new insights on performance and to identify areas of improvement


Create any checklist and standard operating procedure enhanced with multimedia and eliminate all paper used by your frontline workforce


Teach your workforce skills, tools, and procedures through modern mobile technology, reaching them on the go through their device


Ensure the safety of your organization and employees with instant communication capability and seamless engagement and coordination

Trusted by industry leaders big and small to transform their frontlines


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