As COVID-19 disrupts business operations and puts front-line workers at risk for contracting the disease, Safely digitizes health containment initiatives, ensuring the safety of employees reentering the workspace

DETROITMay 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Andonix, the developer of Smart Work Station, an industry-leading 4.0 SaaS solution that empowers front-line workers with comprehensive digital workflows, collaboration and communications platform, announced today the launch of Safely Pass, a free application that protects front-line workers from contracting COVID-19 while at work. A solution for employers to maintain business continuity and supply chain operations while ensuring employee safety, Safely Pass is an essential, fast-to-deploy digital solution that enables the detection, monitoring, and prevention of contagion at the workspace. The mobile application reduces health risks by automating company access processes, aides in the implementation of social distancing requirements, create virtual collaboration spaces and helps employers implement effective health containment and compliance initiatives. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, social distancing guidelines put in place to prevent the spread of the disease have posed significant challenges for employers and their workers operating on the front lines, especially in manufacturing and supply chain industries such as automotive, food processing, and others that operate plants, mills or factories. The problem is twofold. Many employees are being sent home from work due to health risks or as a result of contracting COVID-19. At the same time, the virus is disrupting critical business and supply chain operations as employers struggle to prevent outbreaks, leaving businesses in need of a solution that detects, prevents, and monitors for the virus. “Millions of workers who do not have the option to work from home need a safe workspace,” said Andonix CEO, David Yanez. “At Andonix, we understand the importance of getting back to work and resuming critical business operations. With Safely Pass, employers can implement best practices for workplace safety, whether it’s automating building entry processes or empowering workers to adhere to social distancing guidelines. We invite businesses to take advantage of this solution as we continue working together to prioritize the safety and health of our front-line workers, while also restarting and ultimately restoring our economy.” Safely Pass was built on a three-pronged foundation: detection, prevention, and monitoring. Real-time digital records enable Safely Pass to automate wellness detection and monitoring by assessing employees, visitors, and contractors at entry points. Safely Pass eliminates the need for archaic pen and paper logs, which may be sources of infection. Individuals can use their mobile devices to submit wellness forms, eliminating the possibility of being turned away at the door due to a fever or another symptom – an ineffective process that often leads to needless stigmatization. Once a wellness form is submitted, the health monitor grants clearance in less than a second. Using location services, the app also generates heat maps of access points, workspaces, cafeterias, and restrooms to monitor crowd levels, helping employees maintain social distancing regulations at their worksites and prevent the spread of the virus. Select businesses that are piloting Safely Pass or have signed up to use the app upon reopening include Master Electronics, Dana Incorporated, American Axle & Manufacturing, FCA, SMTC Corporation, Kiekert de México, WillScot Corporation, and Gestamp. “At Master Electronics, the health and safety of our team members is our top priority,” said Riad Nizam, president of Master Electronics, a major distributor of electronic components. “Safely Pass enables us to digitally monitor all points of entry and easily promote proper social distancing practices, which help ensure the safety of our team. For us, the decision to implement Safely Pass was an easy one.” In addition to having access to the app, Safely Pass users will have the ability to purchase three-ply facemasks from Andonix at wholesale prices. In response to mass shortages and wrongful price gouging, the company secured a space to produce PPE for front-line workers and will begin selling the equipment at a Safely Pass online storefront beginning on May 25th. Companies that are interested in signing up for Safely Pass at no cost can do so here: About Andonix
Andonix empowers front-line work in industrial age companies through SaaS platforms that connect people, process, and place. The company’s flagship Smart Work Station™ improves the safety, productivity, and efficiency of the manufacturing process by putting multi-media rich digital workflows, checklists, and a mobile Andon Cord functionality in the hands of front-line workers. Built on the lean manufacturing pillars of continuous improvement, visibility, and standardization, the Smart Work Station™ improves workforce training, process deployment, and enables remote supervision. Andonix leverages cloud and low-cost smart devices to deliver enhanced operational performance with an intuitive, scalable, and fast-to-implement platform. Powerful data analytics transforms into insights on people and process performance. Safely Pass as a free solution, accessible to anyone, becomes an enabler towards the Andonix mission, which is to enable an Industry 4.0 transformation for all and to deliver “Power to the People”, not to the machines.