COVID-19 Resource Suite

Tools to lead your teams during the coronavirus outbreak
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Andonix is committed to helping protect the new front-line of heroes keeping our communities running during the COVID-19 crisis.

Factories stay open. Workers stay employed. 


Front-line workers don’t have access to company email accounts. It’s nearly impossible for them to connect on-line with other workers and their supervisors.

Smart Work Station connects workers, using the worker’s own devices.


Once connected, workers are monitored relative to workflows and proximity to other workers. In the event of a breach, employees are immediately advised to separate.

Safely Pass geofencing reports employees affected by contact.

Proactive Staffing

Supervisors can proactively monitor job demands against available skill sets and workloads and make additional hires with fewer delays. Remote supervisors know who is unavailable and when workers are expected to return. 

Smart Work Station automatically tracks and communicates these staffing updates. 



Servicing of production facilities may require the skills and expertise of technicians who are restricted from visiting the facility. Without a means to communicate with on-site employees, quality and maintenance issues develop.

Smart Work Station connects technicians with available on-site personnel to guide maintenance.