Now available in Harvard’s online library, this presentation focuses on the future of work and the means by which Andonix exemplifies launching a new venture in turbulent times.

Harvard Business School has published a business case featuring Andonix. The business case evaluates how Andonix launched and has succeeded in turbulent economic times, the future of work in large organizations, and the means by which technology and lean principles can influence an organization’s trajectory.

Andonix was selected as a business case subject to exhibit how the right mixture of lean principles and technology systems can bridge the gap between the front line and management and facilitate steps toward the future of work. In the business case, Andonix is evaluated in terms of the benefits offered to front–line workers’ productivity and performance.

In September 2019, David Salazar, CEO of Andonix, presented a live business case at Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts in which he emphasized the process by which the company has developed industry 4.0 solutions for the frontline of labor-intensive companies.

Andonix’s mission is to enable positive impacts across workplace training, process deployment, and supervision. The connected worker market value is estimated to reach $8.9 billion by 2026.