Let’s All Get Back to Work… Safely

Minimize the risk of your workers contracting COVID-19 and keep your doors open with the Safely Pass App.

Step 1: Download the Safely Pass App


Step 2: Access the Web Dashboard to
Manage Your Workspace

How Safely Pass Protects Workers and Keeps Your Doors Open

Safely Pass Onboarding for Admins

Safely Pass Onboarding for End Users

Safely Pass Onboarding for Health Monitors

Create, Access and Manage ANY physical space SAFELY

Learn how Safely Pass™ is helping automate people entry processes, create virtual work, collaboration or social space, and implement effective health containment initiatives at work.

Download the app and access the web dashboard to get started.

How Safely Pass™ Protects the Health of Workers and Helps Keep Your Business Open

Create Safely workspaces

Automate wellness monitoring and support social distancing at pinch points such as entrances, restrooms and cafeterias

Workplace location services

Location services in the workplace to better coordinate your workforce seamlessly from the Safely app. 

Compliance and best practice

Instill confidence in workers and visitors, demonstrate exemplary adherence to compliance and keep in step with regulatory change

Build your circle of trust

Safely Pass and Safely workspace posters and website badges promote your use of Safely and drive adoption within your network

Leverage Industry 4.0 and Keep Your Business Open

Maximize the value of data and software automation

Real-time data

Make better decisions to support business activity by getting visibility of employee health and wellness

Social communication

Social media-inspired user experience and tools for more effective workplace communication

Multiple entry gate control

Fill and submit wellness forms using smartphones and maintain social distancing using color-coded digital passes and permits

Safely workspaces

Create Safely controlled workspaces with monitoring and controls that prevent crowding and lets you manage disinfection

Fast time to value

Easy onboarding with iOS, Android and web functionality. Use any type of devices – personal or company provided

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