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Minimize the risk of your workers contracting COVID-19 and keep your doors open with the Safely Pass App.

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How Safely Pass Protects Workers and Keeps Your Doors Open

Safely Pass for Workplace Entry

Safely Pass for the Office

Safely Pass for Workplace Transportation

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The USMFCU mission is to enable their members’ financial dreams. Learn how Andonix Safely Pass helps USMFCU to create trust, remove fear and protect their employees to deliver those dreams safely during this novel health crisis.

How Safely Pass Protects the Health of Workers and Helps Keep Your Business Open

Create Safely workspaces

Automate wellness monitoring and support social distancing at pinch points such as entrances, restrooms and cafeterias

Workplace location services

Location services in the workplace to better coordinate your workforce seamlessly from the Safely app. 

Compliance and best practice

Instill confidence in workers and visitors, demonstrate exemplary adherence to compliance and keep in step with regulatory change

Build your circle of trust

Safely Pass and Safely workspace posters and website badges promote your use of Safely and drive adoption within your network

Leverage Industry 4.0 and Keep Your Business Open

Maximize the value of data and software automation

Real-time data and contact tracing

Make better decisions to support business activity by getting visibility of employee health and wellness

Social communication

Social media-inspired user experience and tools for more effective workplace communication

Multiple entry gate control

Fill and submit wellness forms using smartphones and maintain social distancing using color-coded digital passes and permits

Safely workspaces

Create Safely controlled workspaces with monitoring and controls that prevent crowding and lets you manage disinfection

Fast time to value

Easy onboarding with iOS, Android and web functionality. Use any type of devices – personal or company provided

Trusted by industry leaders big and small to transform their frontlines



Create, Access and Manage ANY physical space SAFELY

Learn how Safely Pass is helping automate people entry processes, create virtual work, collaboration or social space, and implement effective health containment initiatives at work. 

Andonix is an Amazon AWS Partner. 

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Customer Testimonials

"With Andonix Smart Work Station we've redeployed complex processes as simple operations that anyone can execute, making paper checklists a thing of the past."

~Cesar Rodriguez
Yard Management Manager, FCA

"Smart Work Station is a perfectly customized solution for us. We were able to move from a very manual process to a user-friendly, automated solution, allowing us to stop using paper and reduce waste."

~Richard Santana
Lean Manufacturing Manager, Kiekert

"Smart Work Station allows us to connect people so they can ask easily access eTraining materials, enhance job pairings, and ask for help when they have exceptions or problems from anywhere in the organization. Our electronic work instructions are much more efficient now to match cycle times."

~Francisco Nino
Director of Operations, PTI

"We now have the ability to include specific questions in our digital checklists, trace them by bill of lading number and make live updates to instructions to keep things moving as efficiently as possible. This has helped eliminate shipping errors and enhance transparency"

~Ryan Gauthier
Chief Financial Officer, Fortech

"This is what is so powerful about Safely Pass - each person can make the decisions they need on their own devices. I thank Safely Pass and Andonix for helping us make that happen."

~Andre Vygnanski

"Andonix has been unbelievably helpful when working with their Safely Pass app. At the start of the school year, we needed something that could quickly and easily get families onto our campus and allow them to fill out their self-declaration form. Safely Pass has been the perfect addition to our safety procedures. Andonix had been extremely flexible and responsive to our needs. I would highly recommend Safely Pass to any school looking to improve their safety procedures."

~ Nick Purdue
Director of Technology, Windermere Preparatory School

New and Upcoming Features


Enhanced Company Reports Portal Expansion

Self-declaration capture fields data and verification point capture fields data. Evaluate how questions and logs are completed. 


Workspace Management Console Enhancement

Sub-space administration settings, ability to use QR codes, and the ability to create private work spaces.

Web Based Monitor Check-in & Check-Out Console

On-click check-in and check-out capability, check-in based on workspace capability, and simple dashboard with time stamps.

Currently available in mobile apps

Workspace Geofencing and Workspace Access Capability

Sub-space creation based on geo-fencing, limitation on access to geo-fenced area, and notifications of unauthorized personnel access.

Instagram Style Employee Communication Module

Post communications to all employees, add videos and pictures to your posts, and enable user engagement.


In-Platform Communication and Notifications

Cross company messaging and notifications for administrators, and peer to peer communication.

Step 1: Download the Safely Pass App


Step 2: Access the Web Dashboard to Manage Your Workspace