Andonix Digitizes EH&S with Safely Pass

Occupational safely and health compliance, access permitting, and mass communication together in one easy-to-use mobile application.

We deliver tangible value to grow your bottom line in days


The Building Blocks


Safely Pass is the mobile and web application of choice to help teams get back into the office, implement effective – no hassle safety and health protocols in compliance with OSHA, the CDC and your internal protocols, enabling instant communication with everyone. Easy to onboard, fast to deploy, no effort to learn and adaptable to any size organization and budget.

In-app mass communication

Leverage video, pictures and text messages for effective communication. Post with one click and reach everyone instantly.

Surveys, Safety & Health Forms

Quickly build and edit any declaration form – leverage a variety of input fields to match the use case and get the information you need

Digital Passes and Permits

Generate QR code enabled passes and permits – approve instantly or scan in and validate the credentials of each person. No more logs or sign in books.

PDF Forms Editing and Data Entry

Upload any official forms you already have and add entry fields, just like docusign. Get rid of the paperwork.

Instant Reporting and Traceability

Access the data and reports that you need from any device – take the work out of compliance, verification and traceability

BI Connectivity and Integration

API ready connectivity allows your tech stack to exchange data seamlessly with Safely Pass


Using the Building Blocks


Enable your return to the office. Leverage mobile devices and behavior shaped by social media to take your Safety and Health initiatives into the digital era, reducing effort, time invested and costs

Workforce Communication
 and Engagement

Leverage multimedia rich posts to boost communication and engagement, reaching everyone instantly and effortlessly

Safety & health

QR code enabled digital passes and permits for contractors, visitors and your workforce

Verification and Reporting

Effortless, real-time traceability and reporting. Say goodbye to paper and Excel

Use Cases

Achieve a 10x ROI by implementing any or all of the following use cases in just a few hours. Take the hassle out of compliance and empower everyone to be part of a safe work environment.

OSHA Compliance

Working at heights, at confined spaces, lockout – tagout digital permits and reporting

Premises Access Permitting

Digital access passes, permits and traceability for contractors, visitors and employees.

Product Contamination Prevention

Secure adherence to cleanliness and hygiene protocols

Business Continuity

Prevent disruptions from crippling your processes and operations

COVID-19 Prevention

Get back to the office and operations – minimize the hassle of prevention protocols for your staff

Safety Observation Program

Empower your team to identify and report safety hazards – build a culture around safety

Mass Communication and Engagement

Leverage video and picture rich social media like posts to reach and positively engage everyone.

Mass Microlearning

Train, educate, reinforce knowledge through video and visual rich information

Results in Just 30 Days

After your free trial keep going, for no more than the cost of a cup of coffee!