The storefront provides manufacturing and blue-collar communities with the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need to get back to work safely

DETROITMay 22, 2020 — Andonix, the developer of Smart Work Station, an industry-leading 4.0 SaaS solution that empowers front-line workers with a comprehensive digital work flows, collaboration and communications platform, today announced the grand opening of “Safely Storefront,” which arms front-line workers with the proper PPE to stay safe amidst the global pandemic. Complementing the company’s free wellness monitoring application, Safely Pass™, the new storefront will make the necessary gear accessible and affordable to companies that employ front-line workers, enabling the blue collar army to return to work safely.

COVID-19 has rapidly and drastically disrupted the American workforce, forcing many employees to shift to large-scale work from home. However, there are 25 million front-line workers who do not have this option, including first responders, utility workers, farmers, food distributors and grocers. As a result, many employees have been sent home from work due to health risks, disrupting operations and preventing workers from receiving a steady cash flow. Now, as states begin to reopen and employees are returning to work, it is critical for employers to prioritize the health and safety of their staff in order to prevent the spread of the virus. An important component of this is having access to the necessary PPE – which, unfortunately, not all employers do.

To ensure that workers can safely return to their posts, the new Safely Pass™ Storefront provides easy access to reliable PPE and the necessary gear to help enable a safe workspace and, ultimately, prevent the spread of COVID-19. In response to mass shortages and wrongful price gouging, Safely Pass™ Storefront offers three-ply facemasks, face shields and KN95 at wholesale prices.

“Front-line workers are the lifeblood of our country, and it’s more important than ever to prioritize their safety and health at the workplace,” said CEO of Andonix, David Yanez. “At Andonix, we’ve been working diligently to help these workers return to their facilities with the proper detection, prevention, and monitoring capabilities. We hope that employers will take advantage of our new storefront to equip their staff with proper PPE, allowing us to work together to safely restore our economy.”

Products from the Safely Pass™ Storefront are available to any company that’s interested. Equipment from the storefront will be available to ship same day, and customers can subscribe to recurrent orders. Those that also subscribe to Safely Pass™, Andonix’s free mobile application, will have additional benefits, including subscription options and even lower prices. Also available to any company that’s interested, Safely Pass™ automates company access processes, aides in the implementation of social distancing requirements, creates virtual collaboration spaces, and helps employers implement effective health containment and compliance initiatives. Ultimately, Andonix is working to enable the detection, monitoring and prevention of contagion at the workspace, recognizing that access to reliable and ready PPE is the only effective way of prevention until a vaccine becomes available.

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