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Learn how Safely Pass is helping schools reopen safely,
with seamless contact tracing and digital tools to capture data when needed. 

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Andonix is working with schools to provide the confidence, peace of mind and safety to protect education workers and staff.


Helping America Go Back to School…Safely


Start with Safely Pass to Automate people entry processes to physical spaces.


Protect staff members with PPE. Industry-best prices and same day shipping.


React to and prevent potential outbreaks, and test your
staff on-site.


Through automation and digitization, schools can check for symptoms and detect potential cases before they spread. 

Safely Pass records daily health reports and temperature checks. 


With face masks, temperature monitoring stations and proactive policies to protect staff, the risk of an infection can be greatly reduced.

Safely Pass PPE solutions and testing partnerships support your playbook.


Staff is monitored relative to proximity to students and other staff to help identify potential contact and inform next steps.

Safely Pass geofencing reports staff affected by contact.

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Do you have what you need to protect your school staff?

Learn how to address the challenges of the coronavirus crisis and implement health containment strategies that will help you protect school staff and keep the doors of your school open.