The Essential Connected Worker Platform

Set new productivity records EVERY DAY!

10x Faster vs Paper

Up to 50% Reduction in Downtime

Up to 2x Faster Training

Up to 60% Faster Problem Solving

Up to 6% Productivity Boost

Up to 50% reduction in quality issues

Your New Smart Work Station

Your New Smart Work Station

Digital Checklists

Visually enhanced, adaptable to any use case

Work Instructions

Multimedia-rich, step by step instructions to accelerate training and execution


Integrated secure and private chat platform

Digital Hotline (Andon)

Scalable alerts that reach the right people every time

Intelligent Dashboards

Real-time data feed from the frontline


Adaptive content; keep track of your team’s progress

Front Line Workers

Accelerate onboarding, cross train, improve execution, and catch problems when they occur. 

Unlock the power of tribal knowledge


Empower decision making, increase worker to supervisor ratio, achieve new operational records.

Give superpowers to your supervisors


Access data in real time directly from the frontline, guide the company to new heights of productivity.

Achieve operational excellence

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How to Capture Savings Fast with the Right Lean Technology

Discover how a bottom up approach to technology enables massive savings in the short term for your organization:

  •  Inmediate productivity gains
  • Reduce training time
  • Eliminate use of paper
  • Streamline efficiency

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