Enhance Your Frontline Workforce with Industry 4.0

Productivity and immediate savings for your company.


Built For Security

All data are in-transit fully encrypted, DBs are isolated by company, and no PII is stored in applications.

Built For You

Andonix solutions are designed with flexibility in mind, easily integrating with your existing tech stack.

Built For Compliance

Compliance with all standards for AWS, MongoDB Atlas, Auth0 and Firebase/Cloud functions.

Andonix’s Industry 4.0 Solutions Enhance the Entire Workforce

Improve Productivity, Training, Quality, Delivery, and Safety

Go digital, eliminate paper-based processes, and empower your team to generate additional value and recapture significant lost profits.

Enables Your Front Line to Engage with the Organization

Build a culture of collaboration through tried-and-true mobile technology.  Allow your frontline workforce to engage with management and senior leadership.

Enable Your Workers to Perform Extraordinary Work

Andonix’s solutions aren’t just a tool for management.  Your employees will be more effective in their roles, learning new skills, reporting problems as they see them, all while maximizing compliance with health and safety protocols.  They will feel empowered, trained, and ready without burdensome or unnecessary technology standing in their way.

Quickly Address Downtime and Issues Anywhere

Connect team members with a digital andon cord in every device to rapidly summon help, escalate concerns over process, or share knowledge.

Why Industry 4.0?

  • Empower your frontline workforce and grow their skills
  • Increase performance in productivity, quality, cost, delivery, and safety
  • Eliminate wasteful and inefficient paper-based instructions
  • Improve measurement and analysis
  • Develop training programs that grow with your employees
  • Build a culture of collaboration

Andonix's Commitment to Technology and Security

Learn what enterprise organizations want to know about us as part of Andonix’s process of acquiring AWS Partner status with Amazon.