Is Your Business Ready for the New Normal?

Safely Pass is the Industry 4.0 software solution to Create, Access and Manage ANY Physical Space SAFELY


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Start with Safely Pass to Automate people entry processes to physical spaces.


Protect team members with PPE. Industry-best prices and same day shipping.


React to and prevent potential outbreaks, and test your
team on-site.

Millions of workers who cannot work from home need a safe workspace

Companies need to protect their personnel, but practicing social distancing is often challenging. To avoid a coronavirus outbreak, your company needs an effective health containment plan with wellness monitoring.

Monitoring Technology

Our company arms companies with the tools needed to get millions of blue-collar workers back on the job Safely.

Paper and pen in the workplace are no longer an option, and stand up meetings with team members and training sessions in classrooms don’t meet physical distancing guidelines.

Start with Safely Pass and then digitize, train, connect, engage, empower, and execute in the context of your company’s new normal.

Prevent Infection with PPE

Acquire low-cost masks and PPE for your frontline employees to keep them safe at work and your doors open.

Along with physical distancing policies, PPE is vital to keep your employees safe and reduce the risk of infection in the workplace. 

Safely Pass face masks and PPE are available at industry-low prices to help you do so. Learn more on our online storefront. 

Detection and Testing Services

Identify COVID-19 cases quickly and protect your employees and workforce from potential shutdown. 

Current conditions are putting businesses under a greater strain than ever.

90% of businesses have incurred significant losses due to COVID-19. Don’t let it continue to impact yours. 

Resources to Help Assess Your Situation

COVID-19 Workplace Readiness Survey


Take our survey to judge your readiness. Find out how safe your workplace is by completing this quick 2-minute self-assessment.

Then schedule a free consultation with one of our representatives to access our Business Continuation App, designed to support your remote teams when you can’t be there.

Download Our Playbook

Do you have what you need to stay open and protect your employees?

Learn how to move into the next phase of the coronavirus crisis and implement health containment strategies that will help you get back to work and protect your emplooyees

COVID-19 Resource Suite

Keep your doors open during the unprecedented Coronavirus crisis. Learn more and access valuable resources.

Business Continuity Plan

A checklist of actions to respond to the impact of COVID-19 on your workplace and on your employees.

Remote Work Resources and Tips

Support your employees when disaster strikes with remote work resources for front line companies.

Small Business Funding Resources

Resources for state and federal support for SMBs in a time of crisis. Check for funding opportunities in your area.

Addressing Extreme Absenteeism

What happens when a significant percentage of your frontline workers cannot come to work?

Have Questions?

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